The Department of Cultural Design & Marketing, established in 2006, offers a comprehensive study of cultural affairs, marketing, and design at the undergraduate level. The program integrates theories and practical skills, meeting the needs of students interested in qualifying for employment or graduate study in cultural industries and related fields, including project planning, design, marketing, and management. The program is interdisciplinary, and the current faculty hold degrees in diverse fields including cultural study, literature research, cultural history, cultural property, creative design, multimedia, marketing, and management.

The department aims to:

  1. Gain a greater understanding of culture, design, and business-related knowledge, and integrate these ideas to foster strategic and innovative thinking in projects.
  2. Develop innovative and practical design skills that are important in a wide variety of careers in culture-related industries.
  3. Improve intellectual skills to solve problems that contemporary culture-related industries may encounter by analyzing a range of cultural development affairs and applying marketing and management knowledge.

Faculty and Student

Thirteen full-time faculty members and 460 students are currently enrolled in the Department. Students can strengthen their practical skills through domestic and overseas internships in countries such as Canada, Australia, Japan, Thailand, and Malaysia, and conduct short-term academic exchanges with Parsons School of Design in New York City. Graduates are expected to engage in the design, marketing, art, and culture-related industries and serve as mid- to high-level supervisors.



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